LATEST VERSION IS 2.0!!!! Email for update!


This is a full Source (and asset server) Control Management system for collaborative team or single user development.

This is not an external tool, but runs directly within Unity. Naturally Cross compatible, runs on anything Unity does.

Not a hobbist toy, or some tacked on cheesy widget to spawn another package. This is a full self contained RCS tool designed specifically for Unity for serious team development. You may at first glance feel GitHub or similar tools is good enough. They are designed for just source code and are not integrated into Unity, but Visual studio. They neither handle big assets very well or even a way to deal with assets visually within the hierarchy view. Your basically just backing up your assets and not treating them as first class citizens along side your source code. An external RCS tool and can never do what Chronos can do from within Unity.

Uses Unity's own project view for status and control of your entire development cycle from conception to Final release!

From the project view, perform Diff's and Merges, undo/rollback, rollforward, update, on a single file,a selection, or project wide changes. This is not just for your source code, but all your assets as well!!! This is modern game development, your assets are just as important as your source code when it comes to Revision Control!!!

Chronos also has the ability to launch Diff/Merge against any previous commit using the Project view visually. You can take your latest script, and partially roll any section back in time, and then save this in your latest commit with a click or two.

Although Chronos can allow multiple edits from different users. Sometimes you may wish to avoid the whole Merge conflicts issue. And lock out users from writing on scripts in the first palce that are reserved by another. This all happen from within Unity, and can lock out files even if an external editor attempts to write on it.

NEVER break your code again! DARE to be bold and change scripts, assets and settings willy nilly as you experiment. Reverse or partially reverse anything or everything. Chronos at a glance tells you which files have been affected regardless of how it got to that point. Without Chronos, you would be forced to just revert everything back because it would be very tedious to constantly review and selectively revert your changes and settings externally.

- Completely Visual and real-time status and control from within Unity Project View

- Fully visual Commit list with real-time metrics always available within Unity

- Roll Backwards or Forwards in Time, without fear of losing work.

- Diff and merge any file or files interactively against any previous Commit.

- Lock and unlock a file, or files (or asset) collaboratively.

- Truly lock any asset from editing even edting from within Unity

-Does not require a team server license!

- No admin tools needed on the repository does not need maintanence, and cannot be corrupted, or get out of sync.

- You CAN use Remote network drives to hold your repository




Keep all your projects and assets available within a single project without copying or branching off your code each time you start a new game.

Never again have to dig through old projects looking for code that would be good for your current game, but have it ready and available always, and up to date and working regardless of what project your working on.

Do you have a ton of asset store packages you bought, but not all apply to the particular game your working on? ProjectMaster will manage which packages are needed for each game your currently working on without copying, moving or touching your files.

When you are coding or debugging, PackageMaster will also make sure Unity only builds a solution file with just the code and packages that are needed for the particular game your working on.

No more wading through code not related to your particular project at hand. Just switch between games with just a single click.

Test each game or switch between packages quckly without reloading the project or exiting Unity.

Truly to be able to source control all your packages, code and assets as a whole. No need to branch off code for each new project.

Eventually you might need to separate the assets of a particular game your working on from everything else With ProjectMaster this is quick and painless one click operation as ProjectMaster keeps track what is needed And allows you easily export out a cut down version.

Even if all you want is to have a way to manage all your packages without forcing Unity to parse thousands of files Or your getting tired of wading through your code with an unessesarily large solution file full of all your packages that is not needed at that moment. ProjectMaster is also an essential tool for you. PackageMaster does not touch, copy or modify your files. So any source revision control system you may choose to use will see all your files. And is not affected by switching between games.

If you own unity pro version, PackageMaster can also automatically autostart your CacheServer making sure it is available immediately before unity tries to load assets. The CacheServer combined with PackageMaster will speed up any delays you have in loading times by several factors. Even if you are not in a team environment. This will allow you to switch and build different platforms at lighting speed.


PackageMaster Ghosts and UnGhosts your package from Unity's build. Without touching the actual files. Even though your packages are in the project folder. Unity will ignore what you wish, and automatically build a smaller solution file for you, and then displays a Project View only reflecting what you have chosen. When you want them back, a click of a button and Unity does the reverse. All your packages are displayed (ghosted or unghosted) conveniently in the PackageMaster view.

Never again import/reimport your packages into your project as your needs change.

No copying or moving of your files!

Wish you could just click a button and have a package just appear and dissapear in your project without resorting to copying, moving or touching the files?

Want to keep a master project file with everything in it, compiled the way you like it. But without the overhead?

With PackageMaster it is possible to Create a common game library between all your games without resorting to copying or branching off your code each time you start a new game. Since files are not touched, Updates to shared code, assets and libraries between different games are all kept up to date simultaneously. Branching off your projects each time you create a new game will quickly lead to unmanagebility.

PackageMaster keeps everything together so that you can update and change at will, but without the usual slowdown and code complexity of having everything loaded.

Source control all your packages, and Game code and assets as a whole. Your Source revision control system sees all the files. Regardless of what Unity thinks it has.

- Ghost or Ghost Packages anytime from within Unity

- Keeps a list of all your packages ready and waiting for you.

- No slowdown penalty regardless of how many packages you have.

- Ghost out package demos from packages without touching the files.

- Load/unload packages to dramatically speed up debugging and load times.

If you own unity pro version, ProjectMaster can also automatically autostart your CacheServer making sure it is available immediately before unity tries to load assets. The CacheServer combined with ProjectMaster will speed up any delays you have in loading times by several factors. Even if you are not in a team environment. This will allow you to switch and build different platforms at lighting speed.




CoRoutine Pro is an advanced CoRoutine processor for use in EditorApplications or for your Game Logic or both!

Create custom EditorApplications that run in the background which coexist seamlessly with 100% of Unitys API, as there is no support for CoRoutines in an EditorApplication, much less one that can nest or support return variables.

Create more complex background processing for your game without the limitations the current CoRoutine Processor in Unity has.


-Return variables of any type from a CoRoutine just as you always have without resorting to tricks such as delegates or passing global variables around.

- Fully supports Exception handling even from within a yield. Just as you do with any other normal function

- Supports Try/Catch handlers from within a CoRoutine even from within a yield

- Fully supports Nested CoRoutines and even recursively call CoRoutines even from within a EditorApplication

- Control of TimeSlicing on a CoRoutine by CoRoutine basis faster than Update time.

- A CallStack for debugging and ErrorReporting

- Built-in Resource Locking support for CoRoutines

- Supports WaitForSeconds from inside a EditorApplication!

- LightWeight Framework. An important tool to get the job done nothing more nothing less.

- Fully documented.

This is your goto tool for creating background tasks of any complexity as an alternative to Threads as Unity is neither threadsafe, nor multi-threaded. CoRoutines. Nor can you call any Unity API function from within a thread.

With CoRoutine Pro you have access to 100% of the Unity API. And all without fear of race condition issues.