Products we have developed

Mediacorder® Highest capacity removable digital
media storage drive in the world!


Holds between 1 to 4 Terrabytes on each cartridge. With an average price of 10 dollars per Terrabyte. Mediacorder's are directly read/write capable, no burning or special apps needed and are completely re-usable!

Well suited for the recording and playback of High-Definition Video content by any
application. They act just like a random access hard disk, but have no disk or head
(or even electronics) to worry about. So they are virtually shock proof and have the
highest operating temperature of any storage device (except for SD memory).

Each Cartridge drive is like a mini movie server, and can hold upwards of 80 shows in
standard definition or 128 hours of HD content at 5Mpbs!

The model shown here is the HDTC External ATAPI with 4TB native, They work as regular USB drive , allowing laptops to use them as well. Up to four Terabytes per cartridge is possible with our Highest capacity versions and 80 Gigs on the lowest cost cartridges.

Mediacorder US


DISCoverConsole Home Theatre PC (HTPC/DVR) and PC game console.


Now just a footnote in history now. DISCover console was a Full featured console system is the first and only console that has the ability to play any PC game as conveniently as a Xbox/PS-2 game on a normal TV including HTDV mode. Also doubled as a HTPC (Home theatre PC) allowing users to watch/record normal TV programs with “TIVO” like capabilities, in addition it was capable of streaming video to other units in the home simultaneously. Play DVD and MP3 from disk or on board storage. Built-in Ethernet automatically uploads updates and allows users to share all media types. This unit was created with it's own MultiMedia Center like GUI. The look and feel was as smooth and as pleasing as MSoft's MultiMediaCenter OS. This product was manufactured in conjunction with Apex-Digital (The leaders in the consumer DVD and VHS players).


Discover Consoles on wikipedia

First PC Console system




ShiftWatch 8 Channel Mobile Video Surveillance system. (Turn-key in-the-trunk mount)


  • Highest tempest rated fault-tolerant video system on the market. (Media will survive a bomb blast)
  • Lowest latency system on the market, less than 4 seconds from camera to tape or destination.
  • Records telemetry along with the video for transit applications where time and place are important.
  • System automatically transcodes and transrates on the fly to fit bandwidth requirements of destination either locally or remotely regardless of source recording technique.
  • H.264 ready
  • Extremely modular streaming server/client methodology.
  • Has a built-in custom web server for remotely controlling and accessing video.

This is a true commercial/industrial grade mobile video server that records up to 8 channels of mpeg video. Complete turn-key operation.

Tempest grade, harsh environment Mobile device is designed for high resolution video/audio surveillance in Cars,Planes,helicopters, trains and bus's.

Used where high liability, high litigation environments can occur.

Can time-lapse/time shift from real-time up to 80+ hour per replaceable (non-hard disk) all digital cartridge. Digital video output is directly streamed to a variety of video client’s systems., such as network (http/rtcp/file share), or locally to disk mirror, CDRW, CDDVD, FLASH or stream directly to specialized digital tape, which can hold between 10 to 120 hours of multiple synchronized channels of full D1/30 fps video depending upon channels, with a multitude of bit rate and encoding technique desired.

Removable cartridges allow continuously 365/7 even during cartridge swap. Client playback system is completely unified, and plays either locally or remotely on a large variety of target platforms. Has a unique method for management, search and synchronization of multi-channel video even if recorded from several servers miles apart. In addition, system records full event and telemetry that is embedded into the video stream, allowing the ability to exactly follow and map a vehicle’s time and place in a variety of forms. This telemetry will transport along even during end-user edits and copies.

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Multi-Channel cross platform compatible video surveillance video analyzer/editor/monitor

100% Flash program masquerades as if it were a full fledged PC application with multi-channel hi-end video. Used as the video client end for server created video in both live wireless streaming and archived video.

Because it is based on Flash, it is automatically cross platform compatible on PC,Mac, Linux, Mobile devices and Web for both local and wireless based video. A worlds first!

ShiftWatch® Video Command Center is a flexible digital video management tool. The system will play back single or multiple video feeds simultaneously using GPS time synchronization. For the first time you will have the ability to view a single incident from multiple angles with GPS synchronized play back of all audio and video streams. The Video Command Center can combine, view or archive files from any ShiftWatch® Mobile, Portable or Stationary surveillance system.


Playback Features
  • DVD Quality Video Playback
  • GPS Synchronized playback of up to 4 video/audio streams
  • Multiple, affordable archiving solutions available
  • Integrates with ShiftWatch® Mobile, Portable or Stationary systems
  • Display of GPS Time and Location for each video stream
  • Full Controls - Play, Pause, Stop, FF, REW, Slow Fwd, Frame by Frame
  • Easily locate specific events by using time search criteria
  • Clip specific segments of video and distribute via CD or DVD
  • Extract stills from video frames for enhancement or processing purposes
  • Individual brightness, contrast, and saturation controls for each video
  • Individual volume control for each audio channel
  • LAN/WAN compatible
  • User-friendly Graphical User Interface
Video Command Center is the most flexible video archiving solution answering your video back office requirements
  • Open system allowing you to take advantage of existing infrastructure
  • Connect to existing network for storage and distribution
  • Cost effective and easy integration into existing tape library
  • Burn to DVD for clip archiving only





The TouchGlobe™ senses and detects with pin point accuracy the position of a user touching any point on the globe without resorting to any external device. Actually any sphere of any size over 12" resting in the base of the stand can be detected (up to 150 lbs). Suitable for a wide variety of uses, including computer based mapping. 3D Z ball operation. Device also detects twist for rotating a virtual map projected within it. Both pressure, position and twist in 3 axis is accurately detected and mapped in spherical coordinates useable by any computer mapping program. Perfect for educational purposes, military theatre operations. Museum demonstration devices. etc.


Patent Pending Digital WallPainter




Amazing wall painter paints like a desk jet/plotter vertically on any wall regardless of wall texture. XY bars can be extended to any length or height to paint murals on the largest of walls. Stepper motors precisely track on slotted bars. And paint is metered through a computer controlled compressed air spray gun. Developed for painting what would normally be extremely expensive, extremely large murals on walls.
In stroke mode, can paint vector based art. And in dot mode, can paint pixel based art. Can paint a 10x10 surface in 12 minutes in pixel mode, and in a couple minutes in stroke mode.. Paint can be anything that an air gun can handle. Paints are manually changed after each paint surface pass and allowed to dry. Can paint anything that could be printed by a normal color printer.



HandWriter™ Magic wand


This amusing and technically amazing device creates a large visual image of graphics or text in thin air. The device looks like a simple wand of clear lucite. Simply wave it in a straight or in a arc pattern and words or graphics magically appear.Can generate huge graphics in thin air. A small pic1650 chip and a velocity sensor determines the direction and the speed the wand is moving, The Led's are activated in row fashion in sync with the sweep of the user in the air to create an image much like a dot matrix printer does using a persons persistence of vision as it's medium. This was developed for use in stadiums and amusement parks. A variation of this can be seen in Sharper image's pendulum clock.


Secural hardware hard disk security and virus blocker/detector



Multiple function PC card encrypts all information coming and going to the hard disk at the lowest driver levels. A small (dallas semiconductor iButton) provided the encryption key. Virus's attempting to bypass or patch around the normal os security would not be able to understand the data. Anybody attempting to remove the hard disk and install the drive would find it hopelessly encrypted. There is no software to crack and the encryption keys are also hw based. The security level was so high on this device that NSA would not allow it out of the country.


Full In cockpit simulator



Reno Air Racing online

A full vintage P51 simulator complete with life size cockpit, controls and dials surrounded by multi-screen display. Custom 3D flight simulator software was developed in-house for this large project. Later published as a PC game called "Reno air races"