2D/3D rapid software prototype development

We have been in the software/hardware development business for more than 10 years providing middle ware sdk's & full software for gaming applications, consumer electronic products and Mobile/embedded devices and have full game developer experience also on XBox, PC, Mac, flash and Unity3D.

NFL football game


Realistic play

Advanced UI


Full simulations
A high-fidelity newtonian based simulator for establishing and maintaining orbits, best manuevering practices for docking for the ISS. Weight management versus stability. Accurate reproduction of the reaction control system for maintaining orbits. Airlock entry/exit. The exact Cupolu view seen from the ISS. Accurate positioning. Every force and visual that occurs in space from the ISS's point of view is accurately recreated here.

Everything here is real-time graphics. Even the clouds are 3D, and producing shadows on the earth.

Realistic real-time 3D City Planning

Golf Simulators

Ultra realistic grass

Grass/sandtrap transitions

Fully Emoting Characters


Mobile apps
Ever wished you could play the original battleship game in full 3D, now you can with this mobile app. Many additions including full scale battle's on on the open waters.


PC Games
Written in 2003 was one of the first 3D games to work on 3dfx cards which was at the time 3D was in it's infancy. Sold many times under different labels.


What types of games/apps can we do?

  • Full 3d games & applications
  • Accurate physics based simulations
  • Aerodynamically accurate simulations
  • Newtonian based space simulation
  • 2D animated games.
  • Logic/strategy games or Puzzles
  • UI/Menu dominated applications
  • IPhone web based apps